Finished: Sniper Elite V2

Pow!Just wrapped up the single player campaign in Sniper Elite V2.  Nowhere near “complete”, as there are a great deal of unfound nazi gold bars and unbroken bottles.  Nevertheless, it is done and I can move on!

Any suggestions for my next game?  I’m thinking Prototype 2 as it’s new and I enjoyed the first quite a bit.

Yes, I have decided that finishing a game is worth an unscheduled update.

(I will likely continue to mess around with SEV2, especially considering I now have someone to play multiplayer with! :D)

Going Forward: Schedule and Structure… also some SE:V2 stuff

I’ve been thinking about what format I want for this blog.  How often it should update, what kind of content, et cetera.  I have come to a couple of conclusions.

One:  Videos are good, but a lot more work than just flinging text.  Not all my updates will be videos, but I will try to have at least one video per game, and at least one per month.

Two:  Without regular updates people will get bored and stop checking the site.  I will update at least once a week on Mondays, with other “out of band” updates a possibility in the event that I have something I’m particularly excited about.


So, here it is.  This week’s Monday update.  Not very interesting so far, but I didn’t really get any good video or actually finish Sniper Elite V2 this week.  I am making progress though, with two (or was it three?) more missions completed.  Worth noting that the difficulty of the game ramped up considerably immediately after the video I posted last week.  Dying 5-7 times on each mission at this point, up from zero on the first three or four.  Müller is dead, shot in the skull with a Gewher 43 at a range of 283m.  Now I’m delaying my hunt for Wulff in favour of tracking down a V2 launch site poised for a horrific chemical attack on London.  Go me!

At this point I’m fairly comfortable recommending this game to anyone who enjoys sniping gameplay and/or a WWII setting.  Still have no one to try the multiplayer with.  🙁

Sniper Elite V2 – For Whom The Bell Tolls (and other “humourous” references)

Here is my second installment in my rapid-fire, getting-the-ball-rolling series of initial posts.  This time I made use of advanced practices like “editing” to hopefully make the video a little more interesting to watch.  I also had an open mic this time instead of using push-to-talk, which may or may not make a difference as to the quality of my commentary.

Still enjoying the game, as might be obvious.  Though I get the impression that the enemy AI doesn’t really understand the concept of solid walls.  Also, gas tanks don’t explode like that unless someone specifically prepared them to do so in advance; if that is indeed the case the Germans might want to do more thorough background checks on their mechanics.

Arbitrarily failing the mission because you didn’t make absolutely sure there were no inconsequential soldiers left outside is pure dickery.

Sniper Elite V2 – Right In The Nose!

Sniper Elite V2 is the game that I most recently started, and will hopefully be the first that I finish on this blog.  I picked it up during the recent Steam summer sale, and I’m quite enjoying it so far, even if I’m half bad at it.  I’d absolutely want to try co-op mode but I don’t know anyone else who owns the game. =/

I recorded a short clip of myself playing the last part of what I seem to recall is the third mission in the game.  It’s my first attempt at uploading single player gameplay like this.  In future efforts I hope to do things like edit the video, and have actual commentary worth listening to.  For now, behold this lacklustre offering, in all it’s glory!