A Rolling Stone Misses Out On This Great Game

Well, it’s been a while.  I can’t say exactly what prompted me to post here again, but here I am now, and since it’s Monday, I’m starting with a progress post.

Moss is, simply put, enchanting and whimsical.  You join a little mouse named Quill on an adventure to free her people from an evil snake, and find out what happened to her uncle, who left hurriedly after Quill showed him a magical glass relic she found.  The game is played in VR and you loom above Quill on her adventure, playing the role of a benign guide helping Quill on her way.

The third person perspective is executed amazingly well in VR, casting the player as the “reader” of the Moss storybook, and as a real entity in the game which Quill can see and occasionally interact with.  She and I high-fived at one point after we solved one particular puzzle that was notably more complicated than the ones previous.

This one is definitely worth checking out.

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