Oh, sphincters!

Oops.  Forgot to update yesterday.  Got caught up assembling a new computer for a friend.  Moving on!

Managed to finish FTL on “easy”, moving it to the “finished” pile, though it’s nowhere near complete.  Lots of fun.  Winning weapons loadout on my ship was 2x Burst Laser II and 2x Pike Beam, for those who might be curious.

Been playing a fair bit of Borderlands 2, but all that is probably going by the wayside as Mists of Pandaria comes out today.  I expect I’ll be lost to it for some time…  For those who have played the first Borderlands this is more of the same, but prettier and a little more streamlined.  If you found yourself getting tired of the first there is not much more new here.  If you loved the first from start to finish, well then Borderlands 2 is definitely worth your time.

On a Wing and a Prayer

Been playing some FTL: Faster Than Light the past few days.  Didn’t want to sink into anything more lengthy before Borderlands 2 unlocks.

FTL is a brutally difficult realtime boardgame/roguelike spaceship simulator.  If that sounds intriguing to you at all then I recommend checking it out.  If you’re still unsure just look at the above screenshot.  You can glean from its pixels a great deal of what you’re getting into with this game.  I warn you, you will die.  A lot.  Of course, if you know what “roguelike” means you probably could already guess that.

Finished: Fall of Cybertron

G1 Optimus

Well, there you have it. The Autobots and Decepticons are now on their way to Earth to participate in the abominations that are the Micheal Bay Transformers movies. There are supposedly 65 million years or so in between Fall of Cybertron and when they arrive on Earth though, so maybe they can squeeze some more actual quality out of this particular canon.

I was surprised to discover that “The Touch” was the end credits music. I didn’t know that when I made my music video, but that just makes it all the more suitable. 😀

The game is excellent, go play it.

Light Our Darkest Hour

Well, another week has come and I’m better than halfway through Transformers: Fall of Cybertron.  If you’re a transformers fan at all you owe it to yourself to check out both this and the previous instalment.  From a game quality point of view both games had everything stacked against them — a franchise tie-in, part of the “Bayformers” canon, and published by Activision — but against all odds they have both ended up being fantastic games for any long-time Transformers fan.

I should have this one finished in fairly short order.  In the meantime, I offer you the following.  I hope you enjoy it!

Till all are one.

…The Abyss Gazed Back

They Bleed PixelsI will admit that I have some trouble staying focused on a goal, as evidenced by the huge number of games I’ve never finished. While I’m still playing Darksiders 2 I’ve been distracted by a few things, most notably D&D and WoW’s 5.04 patch.  Not to say that I’ve made no progress at all, but it’s been slowed considerably.  Hopefully I’ll have it finished this week.

In the meantime… another distraction!  I picked up They Bleed Pixels when it came out as the game appealed to me on couple of levels.  I’m a sucker for smoothly animated pixel art, and the whole unforgiving platformer idea.  They Bleed Pixels is a fun example of both.  A somewhat dark platformer with a theme based on Lovecraftian horror.  No idea how long this one is, but hopefully it will be finished soonish.  With any luck I’ll have both this and Darksiders done this week, and will move on to Fall of Cybertron.

Next Monday, a video!