The Last Metroid Is In Captivity…

Samus Returns Title Card

I talked about this game just last week, so this post will probably be fairly brief.

I finished Metroid: Samus Returns this weekend, and enjoyed it start to finish.  There was an initial bit of learning to get out of the way before I was used to the new mechanics introduced in the game — specifically using the free-aim and melee counter — but once I got used to those was quite happy with how they worked out.

The familiarity of the sound design continued throughout the game, to my enjoyment, including one particular musical track that appeared toward the end unexpectedly.  Also speaking of the end, the “post-game” is extended slightly, though not to the same extent as in Zero Mission it was still a welcome addition.

Thanks for reading, and see you next mission!

Of Tombs and Dragons

Progress is slow.  I blame WoW’s 5.2 patch, and all its Thunder King shenanigans.

Still, slow is better than non-existent!  My progress in Skyrim is steady, if somewhat meandering.  My Dovakiin is level 25 now.  I’ve been doing a lot of wandering/side-quests.  Have to say, did not expect time travel.  If that’s a spoiler, too bad.  You should’ve played it sooner.

LaraMy Tomb Raider pre-order also activated this past week.  I’ve been poking at it a little, though more time is going into both WoW and Skyrim.  Have to say I’m quite liking it so far.  I had never played a Tomb Raider game before, and picked this one up based on the fact that I enjoyed the Uncharted games quite a bit.  In a nutshell, the game looks amazing, and plays well, but it is somewhat buggy.  There are a number of crash bugs, and the TressFX hair seems to still have a few kinks that need to be worked out.  Still, well worth playing, so far!

On Hiatus

Well, the new WoW expansion has eaten up a lot of the time I would spend playing other games.  Rather than just leave this dangling I will officially put this blog on hiatus until I lose interest in pandas.  So long, but not good bye!

Here I Go Again

Well, my playing of other games has been soundly pushed aside by Mists of Pandaria. I don’t want this to turn into a WoW blog so I won’t say much more about it here.

I’m looking forward to the upcoming release of XCOM: Enemy Unknown, maybe that will pull me away long enough to have something to write about!

Oh, sphincters!

Oops.  Forgot to update yesterday.  Got caught up assembling a new computer for a friend.  Moving on!

Managed to finish FTL on “easy”, moving it to the “finished” pile, though it’s nowhere near complete.  Lots of fun.  Winning weapons loadout on my ship was 2x Burst Laser II and 2x Pike Beam, for those who might be curious.

Been playing a fair bit of Borderlands 2, but all that is probably going by the wayside as Mists of Pandaria comes out today.  I expect I’ll be lost to it for some time…  For those who have played the first Borderlands this is more of the same, but prettier and a little more streamlined.  If you found yourself getting tired of the first there is not much more new here.  If you loved the first from start to finish, well then Borderlands 2 is definitely worth your time.

On a Wing and a Prayer

Been playing some FTL: Faster Than Light the past few days.  Didn’t want to sink into anything more lengthy before Borderlands 2 unlocks.

FTL is a brutally difficult realtime boardgame/roguelike spaceship simulator.  If that sounds intriguing to you at all then I recommend checking it out.  If you’re still unsure just look at the above screenshot.  You can glean from its pixels a great deal of what you’re getting into with this game.  I warn you, you will die.  A lot.  Of course, if you know what “roguelike” means you probably could already guess that.

Because I Could Not Stop For Death

Golem!I had originally planned to play something older in my backlog before I started in on a new game, but the allure of Darksiders 2 was just too strong. Like PROTOTYPE before it this is another series where I played and enjoyed the first game a great deal. If you’re looking for a new Zelda game to play you can certainly do worse than Darksiders. 😉

So far so good, I’ve completed what seems to be the first set of dungeons and have moved on to another realm with a whole new series of tasks for Death to accomplish. So far I’d say that it’s not quite as good as the first game, but still quite enjoyable.

It’s remarkable how attached you can get to a lifeless stone golem in a video game. I felt really bad about having to crush one to complete a puzzle after animating it in one of the dungeons. Behold his stern countenance, and weep for his loss! 🙁