Sniper Elite V2 – For Whom The Bell Tolls (and other “humourous” references)

Here is my second installment in my rapid-fire, getting-the-ball-rolling series of initial posts.  This time I made use of advanced practices like “editing” to hopefully make the video a little more interesting to watch.  I also had an open mic this time instead of using push-to-talk, which may or may not make a difference as to the quality of my commentary.

Still enjoying the game, as might be obvious.  Though I get the impression that the enemy AI doesn’t really understand the concept of solid walls.  Also, gas tanks don’t explode like that unless someone specifically prepared them to do so in advance; if that is indeed the case the Germans might want to do more thorough background checks on their mechanics.

Arbitrarily failing the mission because you didn’t make absolutely sure there were no inconsequential soldiers left outside is pure dickery.

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