Finished: Sniper Elite V2

Pow!Just wrapped up the single player campaign in Sniper Elite V2.  Nowhere near “complete”, as there are a great deal of unfound nazi gold bars and unbroken bottles.  Nevertheless, it is done and I can move on!

Any suggestions for my next game?  I’m thinking Prototype 2 as it’s new and I enjoyed the first quite a bit.

Yes, I have decided that finishing a game is worth an unscheduled update.

(I will likely continue to mess around with SEV2, especially considering I now have someone to play multiplayer with! :D)

One thought to “Finished: Sniper Elite V2”

  1. I finished this just after you, I believe. The ending was underwhelming.

    I’m glad the multiplayer is a fun, because it’ll help justify paying full-price for it. XD

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