Going Forward: Schedule and Structure… also some SE:V2 stuff

I’ve been thinking about what format I want for this blog.  How often it should update, what kind of content, et cetera.  I have come to a couple of conclusions.

One:  Videos are good, but a lot more work than just flinging text.  Not all my updates will be videos, but I will try to have at least one video per game, and at least one per month.

Two:  Without regular updates people will get bored and stop checking the site.  I will update at least once a week on Mondays, with other “out of band” updates a possibility in the event that I have something I’m particularly excited about.


So, here it is.  This week’s Monday update.  Not very interesting so far, but I didn’t really get any good video or actually finish Sniper Elite V2 this week.  I am making progress though, with two (or was it three?) more missions completed.  Worth noting that the difficulty of the game ramped up considerably immediately after the video I posted last week.  Dying 5-7 times on each mission at this point, up from zero on the first three or four.  Müller is dead, shot in the skull with a Gewher 43 at a range of 283m.  Now I’m delaying my hunt for Wulff in favour of tracking down a V2 launch site poised for a horrific chemical attack on London.  Go me!

At this point I’m fairly comfortable recommending this game to anyone who enjoys sniping gameplay and/or a WWII setting.  Still have no one to try the multiplayer with.  🙁

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