Destroying Iconography For Fun And Profit

Iconoclasts attracted my attention randomly and immediately when Steam happened to throw its trailer in my discovery queue one day. I had previously heard nothing about the game but wanted to play it probably within the first 10 seconds of the preview.

You play the role of Robin, a fairly typical player-insertion silent protagonist with an oddly geometric ponytail whose only established character traits are unwavering helpfulness and a talent for swinging a giant wrench.  The supporting cast, in contrast to Robin’s relatively flat character, is surprisingly multi-faceted and several of them see meaningful development throughout the game. It is very much the story of these other characters that the game is really about, with their reliance on Robin’s help being central to how they develop.  Iconoclasts also never really gets too serious, with a fair scattering of lighthearted dialogue to keep the mood up.

The gameplay itself is also fun, with responsive controls and a satisfying variety of abilities. It’s nothing groundbreaking with fairly standard “metroidvania” mapcrawling, but executed competently enough so that it remains enjoyable.  Many screens of the game are more akin to puzzles than challenges of mechanical ability to play, which is great for any puzzle game fan. The graphics themselves are colourful and eye catching, with great variety between different areas and full of little details which can actually fill in some of the story for someone paying close enough attention.

If you’re a fan of metroidvania-like mapcrawling with puzzle elements then definitely check this out.

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