Because I Could Not Stop For Death

Golem!I had originally planned to play something older in my backlog before I started in on a new game, but the allure of Darksiders 2 was just too strong. Like PROTOTYPE before it this is another series where I played and enjoyed the first game a great deal. If you’re looking for a new Zelda game to play you can certainly do worse than Darksiders. 😉

So far so good, I’ve completed what seems to be the first set of dungeons and have moved on to another realm with a whole new series of tasks for Death to accomplish. So far I’d say that it’s not quite as good as the first game, but still quite enjoyable.

It’s remarkable how attached you can get to a lifeless stone golem in a video game. I felt really bad about having to crush one to complete a puzzle after animating it in one of the dungeons. Behold his stern countenance, and weep for his loss! 🙁

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