Oh, sphincters!

Oops.  Forgot to update yesterday.  Got caught up assembling a new computer for a friend.  Moving on!

Managed to finish FTL on “easy”, moving it to the “finished” pile, though it’s nowhere near complete.  Lots of fun.  Winning weapons loadout on my ship was 2x Burst Laser II and 2x Pike Beam, for those who might be curious.

Been playing a fair bit of Borderlands 2, but all that is probably going by the wayside as Mists of Pandaria comes out today.  I expect I’ll be lost to it for some time…  For those who have played the first Borderlands this is more of the same, but prettier and a little more streamlined.  If you found yourself getting tired of the first there is not much more new here.  If you loved the first from start to finish, well then Borderlands 2 is definitely worth your time.

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