…The Abyss Gazed Back

They Bleed PixelsI will admit that I have some trouble staying focused on a goal, as evidenced by the huge number of games I’ve never finished. While I’m still playing Darksiders 2 I’ve been distracted by a few things, most notably D&D and WoW’s 5.04 patch.  Not to say that I’ve made no progress at all, but it’s been slowed considerably.  Hopefully I’ll have it finished this week.

In the meantime… another distraction!  I picked up They Bleed Pixels when it came out as the game appealed to me on couple of levels.  I’m a sucker for smoothly animated pixel art, and the whole unforgiving platformer idea.  They Bleed Pixels is a fun example of both.  A somewhat dark platformer with a theme based on Lovecraftian horror.  No idea how long this one is, but hopefully it will be finished soonish.  With any luck I’ll have both this and Darksiders done this week, and will move on to Fall of Cybertron.

Next Monday, a video!

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