Ramblings: Once More Unto The Breach

Well.  That took a while.

I was randomly reminded of my aborted attempt to blog about my gaming recently, and thought I would take another stab at this.  Third time’s the charm, perhaps?

I’ll be trying to structure things a little better this time around with an actual schedule.  Three posts per week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, with this being the inaugural Friday post.  Monday posts will be “report” posts, where I talk about what I’m currently playing or have recently finished.  Wednesday will be “retrospective”, looking back at games I’ve played in the past, for good or ill.  Finally Fridays will be “rambling”, just talking about whatever comes to mind, but likely still within the topic space of gaming.

Currently on my plate are World of Warcraft, Elite Dangerous, XCOM 2: War of the Chosen, and Metroid: Samus Returns, so it’s very likely that I will talk about one or all of those on Monday.  All four are either new, or are getting new content added soon, and I’m looking forward to it all.  Oddly, they all involve aliens as well… yes, even World of Warcraft.  Kind of.

Catch you again soon, hopefully in less than four years!

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