Back in the Gaming Groove

I got home last Thursday at around 17:00 and started playing Skyrim

TESV: Skyrim

…and then it was 23:30.  So I think I might be ready to start progressing through my games again.

I don’t think I need to tell most of you that Skyrim is a good game.  The gaming community at large seems to have mostly figured that out.  I bought it on release almost a year and a half ago, but only really poked at the early game.  I think I got as far as High Hrothgar and around level 12, barely scratching the surface.

Well, now I’ve started once again, and I’m enjoying myself quite a bit more this time.  I’m playing a character that is outside of my normal style in an RPG — a heavily armored, two handed hammer swinging brute, rather than my more typical spell slinger or scout — and so far everything is coming up aces.  I’ve joined the Companions (who I never even talked to beyond the initial meeting in the field when I first played) and have been running around doing errands for the people of Whiterun and having a great time doing it.

It’s worth mentioning that this time around I’m also using more mods.  Not a lot of them, and mostly cosmetic, but it’s improved the visuals noticeably.  Specifically I’m using the Skyrim HD set of high resolution textures, RCRN HDR lighting mod, and Sky UI inventory mod.  SkyUI in particular does wonders for the usability of the game’s menus on PC.

Now, if only Lydia would stop getting in the way…

One thought to “Back in the Gaming Groove”

  1. Lydia is a total bitch.

    I’m glad you’re getting back into this game. I’ve sunk a hundred hours into it and it’s been worth every minute.

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