Two possibilities exist…

…that I will play XCOM, or that I will play WoW. Each is equally a time sink.

I’m absolutely loving XCOM: Enemy Unknown.  WoW:MoP is a begrudging second choice at the moment as I combat the alien invasion of Earth.

I wouldn’t say it’s identical to the original in terms of game play.  Quite a bit has changed in fact, but the spirit of the game remains the same.  A secret para-military organisation commissioned to defend the world from alien invaders.  You need to build a squad, salvage and research alien tech, replace fallen squad members, and stage a counterattack, all while keeping global panic at manageable levels to maintain your funding.  Almost all of the original gameplay elements are there, with the notable exception of having to fend off alien attacks against your own base, an unfortunate exclusion that the developers themselves explained and apologised in advance for.

Lots of fun, and very satisfying.  I will definitely be playing through this one multiple times and on higher difficulties.

R.I.P. Major Ahmed “Atlas” Mansoor – You carried the world and your squad

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