PROTOTYPE 2 or: “How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bioweapon”

I was a big fan of the first PROTOTYPE and, while this one seems a little easier, I’m still thoroughly enjoying its sequel. I made it to the third area yesterday, the “Red Zone” a.k.a. Manhattan, and then decided that having the whole map finally available to me I would sit down, collect every collectable, and unlock every unlockable. Now that’s done and the game will likely be finished within the next day or two.

I know that I said I’d update again sometime last week and was negligent in my duty to do so. I lieu of that post I offer the following short video, “Why You Should Play PROTOTYPE 2”:

If nothing in this video interests you then you can safely pass on this game and the first.  If, however, you belong to that elite cadré of people who find tearing missile pods free from a helicopter and then using that missile pod to kill same helicopter while falling away from it, well, you have probably found a winner.

In further news, because I just can’t stop myself, I now have a new game to add to The List.  Legends of Pegasus. Stay tuned to see me play it and find out what else I might have preordered on Steam!

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